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The Lord of the Motors: the Return of Direct Current

A practical introduction to DC motors

The Elven-smiths created nineteen Rings of Power. Three for the Elves, seven for the Dwarfs and nine rings for Men. One additional ring, the One Ring, was forged by evil Saradon himself in the deep heat of Mount Doom to dominate the other Rings of Power.


A war, long ago gone, was fought and Saradon lost the battle and the One Ring at the hands of of a younger Isedur. Afterwards, the now king of Toledor lost the Ring in the water in an orcish assault, feeling attracted by the power of the Ring, who betrayed Isedur. When he surfaced, he died by a volley of arrows.


The Ring was accidentally found by a creature that eventually got corrupted with its power and became Gollum, and many years after, an adventurous Hubbit discovered the ring and kept it.


Saradon has been brought back forth to Middle Spain and is assembling an army.


You are Fredu Baltes, the “nephew” of Bogdan who discovered the ring. You have been assigned a very important mission to destroy the Ring, but a hammer wouldn’t do. It has to be thrown back where it was forged, in Mount Doom, deep inside Murcior, the barren realm of Saradon.


Somebody has the stupid idea that you should travel a very long distance in secret to Murcior, with all the dangers that comes. Also, eagles aren’t taxis and they are not kind enough to drop you there.


You dismiss the idea and fire that guy. You have decided that you are traveling BY CAR.


“But gasoline hasn’t yet been invented in this universe!” – you might ask.

You are using an electric motor, of course! Powered by the lightning bolts Grandalf can summon.


However, there’s another problem. You have no idea how to design and build one…


We, the Elves of Madridlórien, can teach you. But you will have to arrive here first.

Don’t you worry, we’re not nearly as far as Murcior is…


And besides, the time you save going by electric car can be well spend eating amazing

Spanelvish food and mead, and contemplate our amazing and magical city!


Although, we may copy your discoveries so that we can also have more electric cars

in our magic-polluted city… 🙂

So… what is our BEST Course about?

It’s about you, surrounded by your 21 coursemates from around all Europe, living the BEST experience in your life.

Your mornings will be in classrooms and labs learning everything you need to know about DC motors; in your afternoons you will discover the city of Madrid, its food and culture; and in the evenings you’ll enjoy the stay with your colleagues with fantastic games to fight the heat of the Spanish summer that we, the organizers have created for YOU! 😀

So, the aim of the course is to introduce you to the amazing and complex world of DC motors with theorical and practical lessons.

But that is not all, because all these activities will be done in the capital city of the country which invented sangria, tapas, long siestas and many other things that you will be able to experience yourself when you come to Madrid.

What are you waiting for? Don't you really want to become the Lord of the Motors?

Our BEST Course in pictures


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